Roll Like a Girl (An Actual Play D&D 5E Podcast)

Roll Like a Girl (An Actual Play D&D 5E Podcast)

Join us as a group of girls play D&D 5E- some newer to the game than others - as their ragtag party learns the ins and outs of becoming certified 'adventurers' and how to get along with one another in a not so kind world. Stories, giggles and blood spill shared as they set aside their differences to face an unknown common enemy.

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    Season 3 Episode 4: Return Home

    The ladies are successful in retrieving the last heir to the throne and returning him to his fiance. However, politics of course have to come into play.

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    Season 3 Episode 3: Extraction

    The girls have finally located their target, but will their extraction plan hold true or will things (like normal) mess up their perfect plan? And, who doesn't know how to use a door?

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    Season 3 Episode 2: Red Cross Work

    The girls make it into the war zone more or less under the guise of working for the red cross, when...they actually do end up working for the red cross now. When they are intercepted by the militia things get....interesting... (Also Episode 69! Nice ;) )

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    Season 3 Episode 1: Search and Rescue

    It is time: Season 3. Meet the new ladies as they are brought together by The Golden Crane Society to go to a city, split by a Rebellion to save the last son of a royal blood line. Can they do it without getting in to too much trouble? Will three strongly independent women learn how to work together to achieve their goals? I guess you'll have to listen to find out....

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    Episode 12: More and more questions

    The girls take care of little things in town while they decide to figure out where to next. It shouldn't be that entertaining, should it? It is....

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    Episode 11: Anarchy!!

    The girls finally decide what to do with themselves after near death experiences in the mushroom cave. But what shenanigans do they find themselves in now?

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    Episode 10: Lightning Bolt to the Face?

    The girls continue traveling through the cavern, looking for more ways to free their friend Wihlm and finding nothing but even more trouble. And a pink mushroom. What else can we find?

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    Podcast of Foes Special

    A special that we had done as a podcast of foes! Originally this was featured on the Dungeons and Dragons podcast feed, but because we had an off week, we wanted to release it to our followers! Join Nat, Amera, Willow and Nova as they go investigate a missing caravan and Sarah have a blast flexing the muscles of some new and scary-like foes from Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes!

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    Episode 9: Beginning of the Mushroom Hunt

    After defeating those weird vegi-things, the girls are finally starting the great big hunt for the mushroom of Xoko's dreams: the Menetake mushroom. But, what more surprises does this mushroom cave hold? Plot twist: A LOT of surprises.

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    Prime Corn Time: The Halloween Special

    What's this?! A halloween episode? How special! Our four prime favorites; Nat, Amera, Willow and Nova return! What can possibly wait for them in a little friendly corn maze?

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