Roll Like a Girl (An Actual Play D&D 5E Podcast)

Roll Like a Girl (An Actual Play D&D 5E Podcast)

Join us as a group of girls play D&D 5E- some newer to the game than others - as their ragtag party learns the ins and outs of becoming certified 'adventurers' and how to get along with one another in a not so kind world. Stories, giggles and blood spill shared as they set aside their differences to face an unknown common enemy.

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    Episode 9: Beginning of the Mushroom Hunt

    After defeating those weird vegi-things, the girls are finally starting the great big hunt for the mushroom of Xoko's dreams: the Menetake mushroom. But, what more surprises does this mushroom cave hold? Plot twist: A LOT of surprises.

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    Prime Corn Time: The Halloween Special

    What's this?! A halloween episode? How special! Our four prime favorites; Nat, Amera, Willow and Nova return! What can possibly wait for them in a little friendly corn maze?

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    Episode 8: Gronk Made an Oopsie

    The girls make it to the cave much to their excitement! But, mushroom hunting may be a little harder than what they anticipate...

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    Episode 7: Highway Robbery!

    The girls are on the road to find the ever so ellusive mushroom for Tam's cousin! What sort of shenanigans will they find on the road this time?

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    Episode 6: Secretssss

    And you get a secret! And YOU get a secret! And EVERYONE gets a secret! What is happening with the girl crew after they've wrapped up their fight? And what kind of shenanigans is Meemaw looking to get into now?

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    Episode 5: Confrontations

    Our girls face the fake guards, but at what price? Listen as these girls get to finally flex their combat muscles and figure out who these false guards are!

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    Episode 4: Execution Day

    It's the end of the crab festival but now there's a new city event gathering that the girls can't help but go to. But, what does it all mean in the grand scheme of things? Things are not what they seem to be....

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    Episode 3: Crab Festival Pt. 3

    They've found it! The famed purple grab has been discovered and it's ALL Gronk can think about! How can she get her hands on it?

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    Episode 2: Crab Festival Pt. 2

    The Crab Festival is underway! The weird crew of ladies meander around the fair grounds, hunting for ways to get their stamp cards checked off in order to win the scavenger hunt! But! Someone's got alternative motives behind their being at the festival as they search for the one thing they desperately need: a purple crab.

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    Episode 1: Crab Festival Pt. 1

    And we're off to a good good start for season two. Come meet our latest crew: Tam the Dragonborn Ranger, Gronk the Wild Sorcerer Goblin, Charmaine (or Charlie) the Halfling Cleric and Mee-Maw the Halfling Rogue.

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