Roll Like a Girl (An Actual Play D&D 5E Podcast)

Roll Like a Girl (An Actual Play D&D 5E Podcast)

Join us as a group of girls play D&D 5E- some newer to the game than others - as their ragtag party learns the ins and outs of becoming certified 'adventurers' and how to get along with one another in a not so kind world. Stories, giggles and blood spill shared as they set aside their differences to face an unknown common enemy.

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    Episode 37 Rescue Mission Part 2: Fireballs

    Are the girls able to pull off a heist with their new found and reluctant...companion? And that wand of wonders is going to, of course, cause problems. When does it not?

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    Episode 36: Rescue Mission pt 1

    It's time to save Willow from the clutches of her possessive and manipulative captor. The girls and their unlikely companion Roger are able to make it to the castle for the daring rescue. They have a plan, and they're going to stick to it. Or are they? Join us as the girls attempt to save Willow and destroy the contract!

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    Episode 35: We Don't Know What We're Doing

    Halp. Willow is MIA, the girls 'befriend' Roger and shenanigans of course, ensue while they come up with a plan to save their favorite Cleric.

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    Episode 34: The Boat Tip Spot

    The girls continue their investigation to determine where they go next. Nova and Willow take to the bar of the Alvesteria ports, and probably find a little more trouble than they expected. Also, cool new guy walks into their life, of course.

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    Episode 33: Alvesteria

    The girls do it! They eventually make their way into Alvesteria after some hesitation and story telling. But, of course, with big cities come new troubles. What lies in wait for the girls and their mimic?

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    Episode 32: The Nautical Mile

    It's time to head to Alvesteria to locate the third stone. Know what this means? A boat ride! Join the girls in their next round of shenanigans as they meet a mysterious captain. Will Willow be ready to face her past? Is Nova ready to be back on the sea? Can Nat contain her excitement as she returns home? Will Amera corner her aunt for some information that she may be hiding? The truth may be discovered on the Nautical Mile.

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    Episode 31: Doll House?

    With the Hags defeated, the girls rush to the boys aid, loot bodies and figure out what was going on in the church, only to come across oddities in a hag lair. Of course. It's a hag lair; what's the worse thing that could happ....Oh Nova no.....

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    Episode 30: Fight Me Peggy!

    The girls finally come face to face with Mother Katherine. Is she who she says she is? What will the girls do when things start going south in the battle? And Chester is always a good boy. But maybe this might be out of his realm...

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    Episode 29: The Callout Post

    The girls finally make a plan to help take the town back from it's false religious leader. Reunions are made and a plan is set forth. But will it really work? Really? Nova, honey no, don't....okay....

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    Episode 28: Head gems and Half-Eaten Muffins

    The girls are now in possession of the second stone. Two more to go! Once they return to Craydon, they find a letter waiting for them from the church of Helm with the next orders for Hadleigh. Nova decides that it's time to stretch her bartering skills to the max to obtain shiny things. What's the worst that could happen?

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